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Entry to Norway


• All visitors arriving in Norway from countries and regions with a high or very high infection rate ("red" or "grey" countries) must go into quarantine for 10 days.
• Anyone arriving in Norway must stay at a quarantine hotel during the quarantine period. Information about quarantine hotels is distributed by the police at border crossings and other arrival points in Norway.
• The following visitors must not stay at a quarantine hotel:
o Persons who are resident in or own a residential property in Norway
o Business travellers whose employer or client arranges suitable accommodation in a single room, asylum-seekers and resettled refugees.
• Persons arriving in Norway must travel directly to their place of quarantine, and put on a mask immediately prior to arrival at their quarantine accommodation.
• You must complete the full 10-day quarantine period, even if you test negative. COVID-19 tests will be available free of charge at your quarantine hotel.
How to quarantine
• Persons in entry quarantine must only leave their accommodation if they are able to avoid close contact with everyone other than those they are staying with.
• Persons in quarantine must not enter workplaces where other people are present, or schools or kindergartens.
• It is not permitted to use public transport, except to travel to or from an airport, port or other similar place of arrival in connection with your arrival/departure.
• For more information about quarantine, visit
Certificate of negative COVID-19 test
• Foreign nationals arriving in Norway from a region subject to a quarantine obligation must, with certain exceptions, present a certificate confirming that they have had a coronavirus test with a negative result. The certificate must have been issued within the past 72 hours in order for you to enter Norway.
• The certificate must be written in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, French or German.
• The certificate must refer to an approved test method - PCR or the rapid antigen test.
Travellers arriving from Denmark
• Travellers arriving from Denmark should get themselves tested again upon arrival in Norway, and inform the municipality they are visiting that they have been to Denmark.
Test centres and symptoms
• We encourage everyone arriving in Norway to get themselves tested.
• There are test centres at selected border crossings which offer free testing to private travellers.
• Persons who become ill must go into isolation and contact a doctor.