Small-scale grant projects funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine in 2017


Name of the recipient

Title of the project

Short description   of the project




NGO "KyivPride"

KyivPride 2017:   promoting Human rights for LGBTI people in Ukraine

Support the   organization of KyivPride 2017 and Odesa Pride 2017 by bringing together   national and international activists and professionals to discuss and find   solutions to main issues LGBTI communities are facing. More   information:


Organisation for   Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Project on state   owned enterprises reform in the Ukrainian hydrocarbons sector

Comprehensive   assessment of the the progress and challenges in the implementation of   corporate governance reforms in state owned enterprises in Ukraine: case   study of Naftogaz.


National Democratic Institute

Ukraine: building   consensus and coalitions to advance Reform

Promotion and   development of effective cooperation with reform initiatives among political   parties in Ukraine by building better working relationships, promoting   cross-party communication, and establishing mechanisms and procedures that   strengthen consensus building.


Ukrainian-Scandinavian Center

Ukrainian summer   school for students from Scandinavia and Ukraine

Ukrainian summer   school for Scandinavians interested in the Ukrainian language, culture,   political situation and for Ukrainians interested in Norwegian language and   culture. More information:


Integration and   Development Centre for Information and Research

Civic and   intercultural education for democratic changes in Ukraine

Development and   distribution of the training course «Culture of good neighborhood» to   Ukrainian primary and secondary school pupils and teachers in Luhansk,   Donetsk, Kharkiv, Odesa, Kherson, Lviv, Chernivsty, Zaporizhya,   Transcharpathian regions and Kyiv city in order to contribute to the   development of responsible and democratic scociety that is tolerant and   respectful to other cultures and nations.


Foundation for   support of reforms in Ukraine

Human resource   support to critical reform initiatives in Ukraine

Human resources   support to critical reform initiatives undertaken by the Ukrainian government   with particular focus on the justice sector, especially probation and   penitentiary reform. 


Kharkiv Human Rights   Protection Group

Reform of asylum system

Project aims to   reform and adjust asylum system in Ukraine by proposing and preparing changes   to the legislation, capacity building and monitoring of relevant authorities   and providing legal aid to asylum seekers.


Center Women's Perspectives

Gender equality and   women's human rights protection in Ukraine

Support to local   authorities to develop and establish regional policy documents on gender   equality and 1325 UN Security Council Resolution in 7 regions of Ukraine:   Lviv, Kherson, Chernihiv, Vinnytsya, Zakarpattya, Rivne and Dnipropetrovsk.


Norwegian Regional   Resource Center on violence, traumatic stress and suicide prevention

Preparation of the   project: improvement of psychosocial support in Ukraine

Supporting two   visits of four experts from the Norwegian Regional Resource Center on   violence, traumatic stress and suicide prevention and Akershus University   Hospital to Ukraine in order to facilitate and organize the preparation for   bigger project “Improvement of psychosocial support after crisis and   disasters in Ukraine”.




European Center for   Education and Research

Democratic   development through independent education

Support the work of   European College of Liberal Arts based in Belarus that is providing students   with diverse knowledge on the modern world - society, politics, ethics,   culture and social responsibility.


Small-scale grants   are managed by the Norwegian Embassy, whereas the Ministry of Foreign Affairs   of Norway together with Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD)   manage grants for more extensive, multi-year projects. Please visit the   Ministry of Foreign Affairs' grants portal for getting an overview of grants   from the Ministry and NORAD.