Small-scale grant projects funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine in 2020

The overall small-scale grants budget for UKRAINE for 2020 was 5 million NOK.

The following thematic areas were prioritized for the call 2020:

  1. Human rights and gender equality efforts with a particular focus on vulnerable groups.
  2. Strengthening democratic culture and tolerance.
  3. Promoting independent and innovative media. Strengthening freedom of speech.
  4. Promoting energy efficiency projects with substantial environmental component on community level.

The Embassy has received in total 263 applications for 2020 and the applications selected stick mostly to priorities stated above.

The thematic area related to the promotion of energy efficiency projects with substantial environmental component on community level was not reflected in the final selection of the projects to support this year.


At the same time, the Embassy informs that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway provides the support to the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO), which is executing the vast range of the energy efficiency projects in Ukraine. Following this link, the organizations considering possible implementation of the energy efficient project in Ukraine can know more about the cooperation with NEFCO

List of the small-scale grant recipients in 2020:

Name of the recipient

Title of the project

Short description of the project




NGO “Integration and   Development Centre for Information and Research (IDCIR)”

“Promoting the development of active citizenship, tolerance and understanding in educational institutions and communities of Ukraine”

Promotion of democratic values in educational environment of Ukraine among pre-school educators, primary school teachers, parents of children and pupils through broader introduction of the integrated intercultural programme «Culture of Good Neighbourhood» in the new regions of Ukraine and strengthening the ability of the Institutes of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education (IPPEs) to provide professional trainings to the teachers of all educational levels in different regions of Ukraine


NGO “Ukrainian Media Initiative”

“Promoting Peace and Human Rights through Impactful Storytelling (Year 2)”

Project aims to foster national dialogue on the topics of peace, tolerance, responsibility and democratization via increased level of professional knowledge and skills of regional journalists in the field of impactful storytelling as well as tutoring of young Ukrainian journalists and reporters. Special attention to be dedicated to development of regional media as the core for professional and independent journalism


Civil organization “Parents’ initiative “TERGO”

"Safe and Healthy Schools: countering bulling and promoting LGBTQ-sensitivity in Ukrainian secondary education"

The project is aimed on raising awareness within Ukrainian society to the problem of bullying and homo- and trans-phobic attitudes LGBTQ students face in their everyday lives, will create the platform for comprehensive education of school administration and staff with regard to LGBTQ-sensitivity, inclusivity, and non-discrimination and  provide open access educational materials (video and texts) for all interested parts, educators, school staff, psychologists, social workers with regard to creating safe school space for LGBTQ and other vulnerable groups of students


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine

“Enhancing Women’s Political Participation at the Subnational level”

Promotion women’s political participation and representation at the subnational level through (1) capacity development and mentoring programme for women elected as local councillors, especially rural women and women with disabilities; and (2) strengthening institutional capacity for gender-responsive decision-making in amalgamated territorial communities. The activities of this initiative will take place in Kherson, Mykolaiv, Zakarpattya and Khmelnytskyi regions from August 2020 until July 2021


Civil organization “Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group”

“Improving access to justice for vulnerable groups in Ukraine”

The overall objective of the project is to improve a court defence of the vulnerable groups (prisoners, drug users, people living with HIV/AIDS, asylum seekers, civil victims of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine) through: active advocating (through reports, seminars, drafting bills and concrete legal procedures) for changes of the legislation and practice for improvement of access to justice; providing legal aid to victims of human rights violations of members of the vulnerable groups; promoting accountability of perpetrators of violations rights of victims; and visiting the places of non-liberty with monitoring


International Charitable Foundation “AIDS Foundation East-West” (AFEW-Ukraine)

 “Journey 4 Rights and Gender equality”

Empowering adolescents, with focusing on adolescents-at-risk (using drugs, LGBT, living with HIV), in Chernivtsi, Kharkiv, Kyrovograd and Poltava regions, by introducing a peer-led programme “Journey 4 life” in various youth institutions of the four regions, including youth detention facilities and vocational schools.  The programme will train a pool of youth facilitators - Champions 4Life, selected from active youth volunteers and youth leaders from  key populations, who will deliver the Journey4Life training programme for their peers and jointly conduct social events in their communities to increase awareness about gender issues, human rights, sexual and reproductive health issues



(from 01.09.2020 the Norwegian Embassy in Vilnius became the responsible Norwegian foreign mission abroad accredited for Belarus)


European Center for   Education and Research

Democratic   development through independent education

Continuation of the support the work of the European College of Liberal Arts based in Belarus that is providing students   with diverse knowledge on the modern world - society, politics, ethics,   culture and social responsibility.


Small-scale grants are managed by the Norwegian Embassy, whereas other projects (more extensive multi-year projects) are administrated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway directly. Please visit the relevant grants portal for getting an overview of grants from the Ministry.