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Small-scale grant projects funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine in 2019

The overall program budget for UKRAINE for 2019 was 4 million NOK.

The following thematic areas were prioritized for the call 2019:

  1. Democracy, human rights and tolerance with a particular focus on vulnerable groups.
  2. Promotion of free and innovative media.
  3. Strengthened democratic culture and transparency, including during election campaigns
  4. Innovative energy projects with substantial environmental component

The Embassy has received in total 199 applications for 2019 and the applications selected stick mostly to priorities stated above.      

List of the small-scale grant recipients in 2019:

Name of the recipient

Title of the project

Short description   of the project




International Charitable Organization "Roma women fund "Chiricli" 

“Enhancing the network of Roma mediators through dialogue between Roma communities and local authorities” 

The project aims on improving access of Roma (especially Romani women) communities to social, health and other rights and services in Ukraine. The activities of this initiative take place in Kyiv region, Kharkiv region, Transcarpathia region, Kirovograd region, Chernigiv region, Zaporizhzhya region, Odessa region and Donetsk region of Ukraine


NGO «KyivPride»

“Visibility for LGBTI: regional perspective of KyivPride”

The project aims to raise the capacity in visibility and participation of LGBT+ activists, LGBT+ community and allies in target regions (Kyiv, Lviv, Zaporizhzya, Dnipro, Zhytomyr) within KyivPride2020. The establishing of the core of activists in Lviv, Zaporizhzya, Dnipro, Zhytomyr for them to be able to initiate local Pride arrangements in their cities


NGO “Ukraine Crisis Media Center” 

“Modern regional media – quality assurance for mediacompetent democratic Ukraine”

The project will improve the capacity of Ukrainian media in South-Easters parts of Ukraine aiming the producing of higher quality materials and providing better reporting. The direct target audience of the project are 30 journalists from Southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine – Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporizhia, Luhansk and Donetsk regions.The beneficiaries are media community and residents of targeted regions as well as around Ukraine


Charity Foundation “Moloda Gromada”

“Smart Interactions for strengthening democratic culture”

The project objective is to strengthen democratic culture in local communities of Ukraine through providing transparent, participatory decision-making and open budgeting with a help of innovative mechanisms for cross-sectoral interactions, citizens engagement and ICT called “Smart Interoperability”


NGO “Ecoclub”

“Communities advance sustainable energy solutions (CASES)”

The project is aimed on building the capacity of representatives of local authorities, business and residents on the communities’ level to jointly plan energy projects as well as supporting the development of innovative energy projects with stakeholders’ engagement resulting in piloting up to 4 sustainable energy projects.  The activities of this initiative take place in 12 communities from different regions of Ukraine selected on a competitive basis.


Civil organization “Parents’ initiative “TERGO”

 "Safe and Healthy Schools: countering bulling and promoting LGBTQ-sensitivity in Ukrainian secondary education"

The project is aimed on raising awareness within Ukrainian society to the problem of bullying and homo- and trans-phobic attitudes LGBTQ students face in their everyday lives, will create the platform for comprehensive education of school administration and staff with regard to LGBTQ-sensitivity, inclusivity, and non-discrimination and  provide open access educational materials (video and texts) for all interested parts, educators, school staff, psychologists, social workers with regard to creating safe school space for LGBTQ and other vulnerable groups of students.




European Center for   Education and Research

Democratic   development through independent education

Continuation of the support the work of the European College of Liberal Arts based in Belarus that is providing students   with diverse knowledge on the modern world - society, politics, ethics,   culture and social responsibility.


Small-scale grants are managed by the Norwegian Embassy, whereas other projects (more extensive multi-year projects) are administrated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway with technical support from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD). Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' grants portal for getting an overview of grants from the Ministry and NORAD.