Call for small-scale grant project proposals for 2018


The Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv is announcing a new call for small-scale grant project proposals for UKRAINE for 2018.


The overall program budget for UKRAINE this year is 4 million NOK.


The Embassy will give priority to project proposals within these thematic areas:

  1. Good Governance/Rule of Law.
  2. Human rights, including, but not limited to, support for groups like women’s rights initiatives and LGBT advocacy.
  3. Free media and free speech.
  4. Strengthening of a democratic culture and tolerance.

Resource groups working within these fields can be entitled to support based on concrete project proposals presented.


The project proposals will be evaluated based on the project relevance and thematic area.


Projects conducted by or in cooperation with Norwegian or international NGOs or other international organizations could be considered as a strength. Regardless, cooperation with other donors, national or international organizations, and possible synergies with the requested Norwegian support, should be outlined in the application.


The project implementation period should as a main rule be limited to 12 months. Plans for sustainability of the activity beyond one year should be outlined in the application.

As a main rule applications should be between NOK 500.000 and NOK 1.000.000. Smaller applications are also welcome.

Any application should consist of a concise Results matrix with output and outcome, indicating expected impact, in addition to a risk matrix with indication of probability and seriousness and with mitigation measures.


You will find the template for Application form and Results Assessment framework here .



Participants must submit Application form by sending an e-mail with relevant attachments to:


Any questions should also be sent to  and will be answered as soon as possible.


Deadline for submitting the project proposal is: 14. March 2018.