Visa processing time

We are currently receiving a record number of applications for visas. Please see the below regarding processing time.


Apply well in advance of your travel
We recommend that you apply at least 4 weeks prior to departure. You may register your application 3 months before your planned trip.

The case handling time is counted 15 days from the application is received at the Norwegian Embassy in London, to it is picked up by the courier at the embassy. 

Therefore, please take into account that due to courier between the locations, the amount of days until you receive your decision will often be more than 15 days. This applies especially during the months November and December.

Read more about case processing time for visas on UDIs homepage.

Can your case be moved to the front of the queue? Read about the special circumstances that are required for your case to be given priority, on UDIs homepage.



If the Embassy has rejected your visa application, you have the right of appeal (see the Public Administration Act section 28 first paragraph).

The appeal has to be sent to The Royal Norwegian Embassy in London. We will review the case.

  • The appeal has to be sent forward within three weeks from the receipt of this notification, see the Public Administration Act section 29 first paragraph, first sentence.
  • The appeal shall be signed by the applicant or the holder of the power of attorney and indicate the decision forming the subject of the appeal.
  • The appeal should mention the grounds on which the appeal is based and any other information of importance to the hearing of the appeal.
  • The appeal must be written in Norwegian or English. If the appeal is written in any other language, an official translation must be attached.
  • The appeal should be sent to The Royal Norwegian Embassy in London by e-mail, post or courier. If the appeal is sent by e-mail it must be sent to [email protected] and the appeal and all documents must be scanned and sent with the e-mail.


The waiting time for Embassy handling the appeal is normally appr. 4 weeks.

If the Embassy does not find grounds to reverse the decision, the case will be sent to The Directorate of Immigration (UDI). You will be informed if we forward your appeal to the UDI. UDI normally process appeals within 6 months.