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Application for a personal number

For the time being we can only process applications for personal numbers in cases of emergency. One must have obtained a birth certificate in order to apply for a personal number.

Everyone applying for a Norwegian passport must have been issued with a personal number.

According to the National Registry Act ch.8, an application for a personal number must be accompanied by a birth certificate issued by the country of birth.

For the time being, British registry offices do not issue birth certificates, and we can therefore not process applications for personal numbers.

We cannot make any exceptions to the requirement for a birth certificate, and persons who do not have a birth certificate and want to apply for a Norwegian personal number will unfortunately have to wait until the register offices reopen.

Please see information about the register office here.


If you have a birth certificate and wish to apply for a personal number, please see information about the process here.

Please note that for the time being the Embassy will only accept applications in cases of emergency. We still require a legalized birth certificate for these cases.  


Not having a personal number does not mean that one is not a Norwegian citizen, but rather only that one has not been registered in the national registry.

Children born to Norwegian parents acquire Norwegian citizenship by birth, but this must be registered in order to obtain documents such as a passport.

There is no deadline by which one must register an application for a national number, and we look forward to welcoming you for applications as soon as we are back to normal circumstances.