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Bilateral Relations


The relationship between Norway and the UK straddles borders, seas and centuries.

The two countries have been closely linked for more than a millennium - and they still are.         

From the first ships that sailed across the North Sea to today's political, cultural and trade relations - our shared history is part of what makes our two nations so strong today. The annual gift of a Christmas tree has come to symbolize the warm and close relationship between the people of Norway and the people of Britain: Since 1947 the tree in central London has been a gift from the people of Oslo, in recognition of Britain's support during World War II.

Close to seventy years on, the Anglo-Norwegian relationship remains strong and vibrant. We are close allies and trading partners, and the cultural links are exceptionally rich and diverse. Did you know that Britain is Norway’s most important export market?  Or that a third of the energy consumed in the UK is supplied by Norway? Or that, by 2019, the world’s longest electricity interconnector will be linking the West coast of Norway and the British Midlands?