| Entebbe

Welfare day at the Norwegian Embassy

Close encounter with a giraffe at UWEC
Embassy staff meet face-to-face the residents of UWEC/Entebbe Zoo

Every year, the Embassy arranges a welfare day with joint activities for all staff members. This year’s trip went to Entebbe, where the staff visited the botanical gardens and Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre, commonly referred to as Entebbe zoo.

The welfare day is contributing to strengthen the cooperation and relations within the Embassy. The day enabled staff to engage with each other in a less formal setting and gave an opportunity to get out of the office, take a stroll and relax.

The day started with a quiz on the bus to Entebbe. In order to learn a bit more about each other’s countries, the welfare committee had organized a quiz with questions about the different nationalities of the staff. For example, did you know that Sweden won the gold medal in ice hockey during the winter Olympics in Norway in 1994; that the first king of the Buganda kingdom was Katu Kintu; or that the cheese slicer was invented in Norway?


Arriving at the botanical garden, we met our guides. They pointed out the many tropical trees and plants in the garden and shared interesting facts, unusual growth habits and botanical characteristics. Many of the plants have medicinal effects.


After the nice stroll, we played dart and had a great lunch together in the gardens. The day continued with a visit to Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre. The zoo comprises different areas (Savannah, Wetlands and Forest) which represent the ecosystems that exist inside of Uganda’s many different national parks. Many of the animals at the centre are rescued from poachers and smugglers and now serve as conservation ambassadors at the zoo.


The Embassy staff was divided into three groups and assigned to a guide. The tour included meetings with cheetahs, rhinos, a baby elephant, chimpanzees and different birds. The highlight was feeding one of the giraffes.


Thank you to the welfare committee for organizing the trip and to all the staff who participated in making the day a great success.