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Reopening of some of the services of the Visa Section in Nairobi

On 15th June, The Directorate of Immigration(UDI) changed the regulations on who can be allowed to entry into Norway.

From this date, everyone that has been granted family immigration in Norway with a person residing in Norway, can be accepted to travel to Norway. For more information on who this applies to, see here.

Consequently, the Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi has, in agreement with VFS, decided to partly open our services again. As of 22nd June, VFS Nairobi and VFS Dar es Salaam will be open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8am to 1 pm. From 29th June, VFS Addis Ababa and VFS Kampala will have the same opening hours. The application center will only be open for submission and resubmission of residence permit applications.

Due to restrictions in Sudan, the Embassy in Khartoum is still closed for residence cases until further notice.

Please note that, as a general rule due to the Covid-19 situation, you will not be granted a Schengen visa to travel to Norway. For more information about this and also the few exceptions from the general rule, please see UDIs information page about Corona.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are still not conducting interviews or DNA testing.

If you have any questions to our Visa Section, you can contact us at