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Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende and Prime Minister Erna Solberg

Norway at the 72nd UN General Assembly 2017

During the 72nd UN General Assembly, leaders from the UN's 193 countries came together to discuss the world's political challenges.

| New York

The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende, participated in the opening of the 72nd UN General Assembly. The Norwegian ambassador to the UN, Tore Hattrem, delivered the Norwegian opening statement.

Sample of the statement:
“The world has experienced unprecedented progress during the last decades. Extreme poverty has been more than halved. That said, the progress we have made cannot be taken for granted. We must defend what we have achieved while working together to ensure sustainability in all we do.
I would like to highlight four crucial building blocks for a sustainable future:
1) Our core interests are common, and we can achieve more when we act together.
2) There can be no security without development, and no development without security.
3) Our security and welfare depend on our ability to uphold international law.
4) Protectionism and isolationism will reverse our common development.”

For further information and the full statement, please visit the home page of the Norwegian Government: