Gather the necessary documentation

You must gather all the documents in the relevant checklist on UDI’s website. Some of the documents must be provided by your contact person in Norway; others you will have to obtain yourself. 

If you want someone to act on your behalf in connection with your application, you must authorise this person to do so. Please visit the UDI website for more information and the relevant form: Power of Attorney.

The checklist gives an overview of the documents you need to hand in to start the application process.

Please follow the links below, and read the information carefully. When you come to the Visa Application Centre or the Embassy, you must bring all the original supporting documents and a certified copy of each document if you want to keep the original.

The copies must be A4, with no staples, no stickers, no torn pages. If you wish to submit photos, these also have to be submitted as A4-copies. The Embassy can only scan documents in A4-size.

Please be aware that the Visa Application Centre and the Embassy do not return documents that you have submitted with your application.

Check lists:

Please be aware that “Proof of the existence of family relations (Tam Tekmil Vukuatlı Nüfus Kayıt Örneği)” should be submitted in all family immigration cases, even if it is not listed in the checklist from UDI.


Voluntary work through the Erasmus+ program

Although voluntary work through the Erasmus+ program is not defined as “work”, you still need a work permit in Norway before you can start the assignment. The applicant or another person has to register the application for a work permit in the Application Portal Norway, pay the fee, and book an appointment at the Visa Application Centre for submitting the application with the supporting documents. Click here for the check list showing which documents the applicant needs to submit. The case processing time in the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is 4 weeks.  

Once the decision has been taken by the UDI, the Embassy will send the passport with the visa or rejection letter (in case there is no power of attorney) to the Visa Application Centre. The applicant can track the application at the web page of the Visa Application Centre, and will be informed when the passport is returned to the Visa Application Centre. The Visa Application Centre also has a courier service which the applicant can order when submitting the application.

Once you have been informed the case is granted, you must book an appointment with the police in Norway in order to get a Residence Card. See information on UDI's website on how to do this. Please be aware that you cannot start your assignment in Norway before you have been to the police to get a Residence Card.


The Embassy does not recommend that you apply for an entry visa in order to wait in Norway for the work permit to be decided. The reason is that you cannot start the assignment before the work permit has been granted and you have been to the police to get a Residence Card.