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Information to Syrians

This page gives useful information to Syrian applicants about submitting applications, giving a DNA-sample and about the procedure for achieving an exit permit from Turkey.

معلومة بالعربية

Information in Arabic can be found here

How to register your application for family immigration to Norway

  1. The application has to be registered electronically at the Application Portal Norway.
  2. There has to be one registration per applicant.
  3. The sponsor or another person may register the application on behalf of the applicant.
  4. At the Application Portal, you also pay the fee. The applicants must submit the documents in person at VFS Global’s Visa Application Centre in Ankara. You must book an appointment for submitting the documents. Please find more information below.


Applications for family immigration must be submitted at VFS Global’s Visa Application Centre

The Royal Norwegian Embassy has transitioned to a new cooperation with VFS Global to receive applications for family immigration from Syrian nationals. This means that from Friday 9 June onwards, Syrian nationals must submit their applications for family immigration at VFS’s Visa Application Centre in Ankara. The embassy no longer accepts applications for family immigrations directly from applicants. Applicants showing up at the embassy to hand in their applications for family immigration will be referred to VFS’s Visa Application Centre for submission of their applications.

You must book an appointment at the Visa Application Centre. Prior to going to VFS Ankara to hand in your documents, you must have registered your application at the Application Portal Norway.

Please also note that VFS charges an additional service fee.Find more information here VFS Global /Turkey

If you have any questions, please send us an email at


Syrian applicants who are going to give a DNA-sample have to contact the Embassy

In some cases, the UDI may ask the applicant(s) to give a DNA-sample in order to verify the kinship between the applicant(s) and the sponsor in Norway after an application for family immigration has been already submitted. In this case, the police will contact the sponsor in Norway.

After the police in Norway have contacted the sponsor, the sponsor or the applicant must contact the Embassy by an e-mail written in English in order to get an appointment for giving a DNA-sample. Remember to include the DUF-number of the applicant(s) or the sponsor when you write to the Embassy.


Exit permit from Turkey for those who are granted a resident permit in Norway

Syrians, who legally enter Turkey with a Syrian passport and stay less than 90 days or has a valid residence permit in Turkey, do not need to apply for an exit permit. All other Syrian citizens that are granted a residence permit to live with family members in Norway need an exit permit from Turkish authorities. Based upon the information the Embassy has been given by Turkish authorities, the applicants have to follow these steps in order to obtain an exit permit:  

  1. You need to have a Temporary Protection ID Card
  2. In order to get the Temporary Protection ID Card, you need to register with the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management (PDMM) / governorate of the province of your residence. The PDMM / governorate will issue the “Temporary Protection ID Card” after the registration procedures are carried out.
  3. You have to apply for an exit permit to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management (PDMM)/governorate of your province of residence at least 15 days before departure. You need to show the originals and submit the following documents:
    • an exit letter from the Norwegian Embassy
    • a copy of your temporary protection ID card
    • a copy of your flight ticket
    • a copy of the visa issued by the Norwegian Embassy
    • a copy of your passport, or the travel document (laisses passer) from the Norwegian Embassy
  4. The authorities at the border gate will be informed after the PDMM has examined the documents and found that your situation does not prevent your exit from Turkey.
  5. After the approval of the PDMM, you will be allowed to leave      Turkey.
  6. The Temporary Protection ID Card will be taken by the authorities at the border gate and cancelled.

Please be informed that you have to apply for the exit permit yourself, and that there might be changes in the procedures listed above made after the information on this side was updated. Please contact the Provincial Directorates of Managed Migration (PDMM) / governorate in your province for further information about the exit permits.


Visitor’s visas (Schengen type C)

Only Syrians with a residence permit or an ID-card for foreigners/Temporary Protection ID Card from Turkish authorities can apply for a visitor’s visa to Norway from Turkey.

Syrians without a residence permit or an ID-card for foreigners/Temporary Protection ID Card from Turkish authorities, who still wish to apply for a visa, must send an e-mail written in English where they explain the need to submit the application in Turkey. The Embassy will assess whether they can apply or not. In case the Embassy approves, the applicants need to submit a print out of the e-mail sent from the Embassy at the visa application centre showing that the Embassy has approved that they can apply.

Please be aware that it is very difficult for Syrians to get a visitor’s visa to Norway, and that most applications are rejected. The Embassy recommends that applicants and sponsors in Norway read the information on the web page of the Norwegian Directorate for Immigration before considering applying for a visitor’s visa.


Turkish borders closed also for Syrians

Turkish borders are closed. From January 8th 2016, Syrian citizen need a visa to cross Turkish borders. The visa requirements does not apply for Syrians with temporary protection needs in Turkey. However, Turkish governments does not register any more Syrians under category temporary protection due to the lack of capacity. This means that Syrians who does not want to apply for temporary protection, and yet need to cross borders to enter Turkish borders have to apply for visa. This applies also to Syrians who have been granted appointment, related to application for family reunification, at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ankara. The appointment referred to is either interview, DNA testing, or getting visa to Norway. Turkish E-visa is not offered to Syrians. Therefore, Syrians have to contact the Turkish Embassy in either Beirut or Amman in order to apply for visa. The Turkish Embassy in Damascus is closed. For more information, please click the following link:

Please write in English if you need to contact the Embassy.

معلومة بالعربية

Information in Arabic can be found here