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Applications submitted in Istanbul

Persons travelling to Norway can apply for a C-type visa (Schengen visa) at the Hungarian General Consulate in Istanbul.

The Norwegian Embassy in Ankara has a representation agreement with the Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary in Istanbul. This enables persons who want to apply for a visa to Norway in Istanbul to submit their application at their consulate. For information on application procedures, please click here.

Only C-type visas can be submitted through the Consulate. Hence, application for family reunification, work and study permit cannot be submitted.

If applying through the Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary in Istanbul, the fee has to be paid to the Hungarian Consulate. Please do not register your application on the Application Portal Norway. If you need information about how to apply in Istanbul, please contact the Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary in Istanbul.

Since 10 November 2017, the Hungarian Consulate General outsources visa applications to AS VISA. Hence, all applicants who wishes to apply from Istanbul have to submit their applications through AS VISA. Please see attached link.

Unfortunately, we experience that the waiting time to get an appointment in Istanbul at times is too long. It is the goal of the Embassy that applicants is Istanbul can experience the same service level as in Ankara, and we will work to achieve this goal.

Please do not register your application at the Norwegıan application portal. (
For Norwegian Visa applications, payments are accepted during application only in cash and Euros in the Orange visa application center.
No payment receipt, can be accepted through the Norwegian embassy website or directly paid online to the bank.