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Trraveler drawing - Photo:Ingrid Asp / ASD
Ingrid Asp / ASD

Information on Covid 19-restrictions and requirements on entry to Norway

The government has imposed mandatory testing for COVID-19 for all travellers to Norway from January 2nd 2021.

• Registration of arrival to Norway. All persons travelling to Norway have a duty to register themselves in order to enhance infection control. More information on how to register here.

• Negative PCR-test before arrival in Norway. Anyone arriving from "red" countries must present a certificate for a negative COVID-19 test when they arrive in Norway. The test must be taken during the last 72 hours before arrival in Norway.

Please read more about requirement for negative Covid 19-test before arrival here.

• Mandatory testing upon arrival for travellers to Norway from January 2nd. From January 2nd 2021, the government has imposed mandatory testing for Covid-19 for all travellers to Norway. The test must be done as soon as possible and within 24 hours after arrival at the latest. Travellers must enter Norway through border stations with testing facilities or through border stations with police control.

Several smaller border stations will be closed. For more information, read here.

• Entry quarantine (hotel-quarantine) upon arrival in Norway from red and yellow countries/regions.  Please read detailed information on hotel-quarantine regulations here.

As a traveller to Norway during the Covid-19-pandemic it is your responsibility to update yourself on all the current requirements and restrictions. Please find more information here.