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Information about quarantine and isolation for those travelling to Norway

Anyone arriving from what is referred to as red areas within the Nordic region, EU/EEA/Schengen or countries outside of the EU/EEA/Schengen must be in quarantine (travel quarantine).


Your quarantine period is 10 days, irrespective of whether your quarantine is due to travel or transmission risk. If you are in travel quarantine after having visited a red area/country or in transmission quarantine after having been in contact with a person with a confirmed coronavirus infection and you undergo testing for the coronavirus with a negative result (no infection detected), you will still need to complete your 10 days travel quarantine duty.

If you are in travel quarantine the following applies:

  • You must stay at home or in another suitable place of residence.
  • You should not seek out public places such as shops or cafes. If unavoidable, you can conduct necessary errands in the store or pharmacy but ensure that you maintain a minimum of one metre distance to others and avoid queuing.
  • You cannot go to work while in travel quarantine, but you can work from home.

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