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Call for proposals: Promotion of Norwegian arts and culture in Turkey and Azerbaijan

The Norwegian Embassy in Ankara is announcing a new call for small scale cultural grant proposals for Turkey and Azerbaijan for 2021. The grant scheme supports cultural actors who work to promote Norwegian arts and culture in Turkey or Azerbaijan. This has traditionally been done through theatre, film or music festivals, but can also include design, architecture or contemporary art. An important criteria is that the activity is undertaken in collaboration between a Norwegian and Turkish or Azerbaijani partner. The deadline for applications is 5 April 2021.

The Norwegian Embassy in Ankara is announcing a new call for small scale cultural grant proposals for Turkey and Azerbaijan for 2021.

The target groups for the grant scheme are Turkish and Azerbaijani arts and culture institutions and organisations and creative industries who will implement their activity in cooperation with a Norwegian counterpart.

The objective of the grant scheme is to increase the knowledge of Norwegian arts and culture and international opportunities for Norwegian cultural professionals and practitioners in Turkey and Azerbaijan, while expanding their international networks of contacts.

The overall program budget in 2021 is 150 000 NOK.

Potential grant recipients under this scheme are:

  • Arts and culture institutions in Turkey and Azerbaijan
  • Experts in the field of culture and members of the professional media in Turkey and Azerbaijan and other countries
  • Festival and exhibition organisers working in the fields of arts and culture in Turkey and Azerbaijan and other countries

Applicants must document that the following criteria are met:

  • The applicant must have relevant expertise and competence. Results of previous efforts in the area covered by the scheme should be included here.
  • The applicant must demonstrate good insight into the field in question and must have set clear, achievable objectives for the project(s).
  • The applicant must have established close ties with their Norwegian, Turkish or Azerbaijani
  • partners. Information about partners must be provided.
  • The applicant must be an independent legal person. Accurate and complete information about the nature of the organisation must be provided.

Grants may be awarded for the following types of project:

  • Activities to showcase Norwegian arts and culture in Turkey or Azerbaijan
  • Activities that strengthen cooperation between Norwegian cultural actors and cultural actors in Turkey or Azerbaijan
  • Activities to promote Norwegian arts and culture in Turkey or Azerbaijan
  • Visits by experts and members of the media

The following four cross-cutting issues must be taken properly into account in all projects:

  • Human rights, with a particular focus on participation, accountability and non-discrimination
  • Women’s rights and gender equality
  • Climate change and environment
  • Anti-corruption

The distribution of grant funds must contribute to the promotion of a rich and diverse cultural sector. Priority will be given to projects that offer the best opportunities for Norwegian artists and cultural professionals, and/or where Norway has particularly strong interests.

The grant scheme is an application-based scheme. Applications are processed and considered on the basis of the guidelines and criteria set out in the call for proposals. No applicants are automatically entitled to a grant under this scheme, even if they meet all the formal and practical criteria.

The project proposals will be evaluated based on the project relevance and thematic area, in accordance with the above mentioned focus areas and presented documentation.

Organisations which have cooperation with other donors, national or international organizations, and possible synergies with the requested Norwegian support, should clearly outline in the application the support received.

The project implementation period should, as a main rule be limited to 12 months. Plans for sustainability of the activity beyond one year should be outlined in the application.

You will find the template for Application form (S02), Results Assessment framework and budget here.

Participants must submit the Application by sending an e-mail with relevant attachments to:

The deadline for application is 5 April 2021.