Call for project and programme grant proposals for 2022

The Norwegian Embassy in Ankara is announcing a new call for project and programme grant proposals for Turkey for 2022. The overall program budget for Turkey this year is 25 million NOK.

 The Embassy will give priority to project proposals within these thematic areas:

  1. Human rights and women’s rights efforts with a particular focus on vulnerable groups.
  2. Strengthening democracy with a particular focus on rule of law and justice, gender equality and LGBTIQ+ rights
  3. Promoting independent media. Strengthening freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
  4. Freedom of religion and belief and minority rights.


Applicants working within these fields can be entitled to support based on concrete project proposals presented.

The project proposals will be evaluated based on the project relevance and thematic area, in accordance with the above mentioned focus areas and presented documentation.

Organisations which have cooperation with other donors, national or international organizations, and possible synergies with the requested Norwegian support, should clearly outline in the application the support received.

The project implementation period should, as a main rule be limited to 12 months. Plans for sustainability of the activity beyond one year should be outlined in the application.

You will find the template for Application form (S01), Results Assessment framework and budget here .

Participants must submit the Application by sending an e-mail with relevant attachments to:

The Embassy will forward you back the confirmation that the application has been received.

No phone consultations will be available due to our limited resources. Any questions should be sent to

Deadline for submitting the project proposals is: 27th of March 2022 (23:59 CET)


Important remarks while preparing application


  1. The documents in Word, Excel or PDF formats should be sent to There is no need to copy the application to as it is the Embassy which is the responsible unit for processing your application.
  2. Do not download your application and supporting documents on an external source with the link for download. Send all the documents as attachments to your mail.
  3. Application form, Results Framework and Budget are to be filled in English.


Regarding Application form (also use guidance available through the Review pane, under All Markup)

  1. Please use the form “S01 Application for project and programme support (word)” and not the form “S02 Application form for small scale grants (word)”
  2. When the application is completed, you are recommended to hide all comments by choosing No Markup instead of All Markup in the Review pane before saving.
  3. Please date, and sign your application and scan the relevant page in PDF. You can send application form in Word format with the last page scanned in addition (not the whole application to be scanned in addition)
  4. In Key information please follow these guidelines:
  • Name of applicant and abbreviation – full name of your organization as in Statute plus abbreviation if any (in English)
  • Name of applicant and abbreviation – name your project (up to 72 characters!) / brief description (up to 500 characters!). In this description try to provide overview of what you want to achieve through your project.
  • Grant scheme -  Call for small-scale grant project proposals for 2021
  • Unit responsible – Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey
  • Total amount – the equivalent in NOK