Gather the necessary documentation

The checklist gives an overview of the documents you need to hand in to start the application process.

Checklist - Visitor Visa

Checklist - Visit Family of EU/EEA National

Checklist - Seaman/Seafarer


Other forms

Sponsorship form

Common list of Schengen Travel Medical Insurance Companies


Information regarding insurance policy

Applicants are asked to show the original policy of their travel medical insurance and submit a copy of the policy with their application. Medical insurance is compulsory when travelling to the Schengen area on a tourist visa, and the Embassy is not able to issue a visa sticker until the insurance policy has been checked and registered in our data system.

The insurance must be valid for the duration of stay in the Schengen area, be valid for all countries in the Schengen area, and cover medical expenses of  minimum 30,000 Euro (or the equivalent in THB or other currencies), as well as repatriation.

The following Thai companies have signed the Schengen Area Code of Conduct. The choice of a particular insurance provider is up to the applicant and it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide documentation that the policy is in compliance with the Schengen requirements.