Gather the necessary documentation

The checklist gives an overview of the documents you need to hand in to start the application process.

All supporting documents must be translated into English or Norwegian by a certified translator. Documents in other languages will not be given weight.

We kindly ask that all documents are submitted in A4 format/paper size. Please do not staple the documents together.

Please refer to the checklists below:

Checklist - Visit Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Checklist - Tourist
Checklist - Business
Checklist - Visit Family
Checklist - Visit Family of EU/EEA National
Checklist - Visit Spouse/Cohabitant
Checklist - Seaman/Seafarer

Guarantee form for visits

Read more regarding the temporary change in the guarantee procedure

Invitation letter from the sponsor

Application for romantic partner visits - UDI

Information regarding insurance policy

Applicants are asked to show the original policy of their travel medical insurance and submit a copy of the policy with their application. Medical insurance is compulsory when travelling to the Schengen area on a tourist visa, and the Embassy is not able to issue a visa sticker until the insurance policy has been checked and registered in our data system.

The insurance must be valid for the whole period of the visa’s validity, be valid for all countries in the Schengen area, and cover medical expenses of  minimum 30,000 Euro (or the equivalent in THB or other currencies), as well as repatriation.

Please note that the Thai insurance companies that are accepted by the Schengen embassies in Bangkok, have signed an agreement guaranteeing that they will refund the premium if a visa application is rejected, by showing the refusal letter. Applicants will therefore not risk having any undue costs when buying an insurance policy if a visa is not granted. If applicants are experiencing any problems concerning this, please contact the Embassy.

Where to buy medical travel insurance for tourist visa

All the Schengen countries represented in Bangkok have agreed to only accept health insurance issued by Thai companies that have signed the Schengen Area Code of Conduct. If insurance is bought outside of Thailand, it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide documentation to prove that the policy is in compliance with the Schengen requirements. Some insurance policies bought outside of Thailand have insufficient validity.

The following Thai companies have signed the Code of Conduct. The choice of a particular insurance provider is up to the applicant.

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