Chargé d’Affairs a.i. Mr. Vegard Holmelid participated at Yara's Customer Conference Dinner


On Friday 4 May Chargé d’Affairs a.i. Mr. Vegard Holmelid delivered a speech at the Norwegian Company Yara's Customer Conference Dinner. This dinner marked the end of a 1-day long conference that focused on educating Yara’s Thai customers on innovations within smart farming, and how such innovations can supplement the Thailand 4.0 vision.

Managing Director of Yara Thailand, Mr. Mehdi Saint-Andre, opened the dinner by summarizing the conference and offering his sincere gratitude to all the customers. He underlined that Yara would not have been where they are today without them. 

Following Mr. Mehdi Saint-Andre, Mr. Vegard Holmelid delivered a speech where he thanked Yara for the central role they played in the establishment of the bilateral relationship between Thailand and Norway in 1907, when King Chulalongkorn visited Norway. During this trip, King Chulalongkorn was introduced to the Nitrate Fertilizer they were producing at Yara’s newly established factory in Notodden, Norway.  

- He immediately saw the prospect of the new fertilizer technology – and how it could modernize Thai agriculture, making food production more sustainable for his own poor and growing population. The King therefore sent 1 ton of Nitrate Fertilizer back home.

Furthermore, Mr. Vegard Holmelid touched upon the daunting challenges of the world, and emphasized how Yara, with their status as a world leading fertilizer company, has the potential of becoming a key player in the effort of solving these. 

-As the global population is expected to double, with global warming creating great challenges for our food production globally, no doubt there is need for more efficient and sustainable food production in the future. I believe the importance of Yara will continue to grow globally, but I also believe that Yara and others must continue to innovate in order to solve the many challenges we all face in the decades to come.