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Wonderful celebration of the National Day of Norway in Bangkok

Both the event at the Ambassador’s residence during daytime, which was organized by the 17 may committee of Nordmannsforbundet in collaboration with the Embassy, and the Embassy’s own reception at Grand Hyatt Erawan at nighttime, were nothing but successful. The day had all the elements one would expect from a great celebration of the National day of Norway.

During the event at the Ambassador's residence, the guests were walking together in a traditional 17 May parade, singing the Norwegian National Anthem, “Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet,” and enjoying the food and refreshments that were being offered. Throughout the event, they were also listening to speeches by the 17 May General from the 17 May Committee of Nordmannsforbundet, Mr Odd Asle Johannessen, the youth speakers Andreas Heller and Jonathan Holmelid, and Chargé d’Affairs a.i. Mr Vegard Holmelid.  

In his speech, Mr Vegard Holmelid underlined the significance of the Norwegian Constitution, and why the National Day of Norway, the day where we celebrate the signing of the constitution on 17 May in 1814, is such an important day. He concluded his speech by reading a personal greeting he had received from the King of Norway, His Majesty King Harald V, to Norwegians in Thailand.


At nighttime, the Embassy hosted a reception at Grand Hyatt Erawan. The talented kids from the Immanuel Music School performed live music throughout the entire event, and it was served a standing buffet of Norwegian Seafood and other types of high quality traditional food from Norway.

During the reception, Mr Vegard Holmelid delivered his second speech of the day. In addition to underlining the importance that the constitution has played for the history of Norway, he offered his gratitude to Thailand for being one of the very first countries to recognize Norway as an independent nation. He also thanked all the approximately 260 guests for their presence at the reception.

In the conclusion of his speech, the orchestra played the Royal Anthem of Thailand and Mr. Vegard Holmelid proposed a toast to the King of Thailand. Following this, he proposed a toast to King of Norway, His Majesty King Harald V. The orchestra then performed the Norwegian National Anthem.