New Growth, Proud History

Photo: NFD

Based on proud traditions we can say that Norway is currently one of the world’s leading ocean economies. Through the years, Norwegian men and women have refined this heritage, adapted the knowledge and further developed the technology of their time.

The Norwegian Government has lauched a new ocean strategy. You can find the report here.

For generations, the ocean-based industries have demonstrated amazing adaptability, innovation, and technological development. Norway will use this as a basis for further growth and development.

This strategy is the first comprehensive strategy that looks at the ocean industries in context. The Government’s goal is for Norway to become the world’s foremost ocean economy. We will achieve this by facilitating blue growth through green restructuring.

First of all, the Government will contribute to a strong regulatory framework by furthering and further devel-oping efficient, predictable and knowledge based regulation of the ocean industries.

In order to attain this goal, the Government will facilitate further development of the ocean industries and the development of new, profitable ocean industries within a sustainable framework, make sure legislation does not hamper innovation and the transfer of technology and experience across the ocean industries, and strive to secure technology neutral regulations that help promote technological development.

Secondly, the Government will facilitate the development of knowledge and technology in the ocean industries through research, innovation, education, and competence.

In order to attain this goal, the Government will strengthen fundamental knowledge of the ocean, further and strengthen the development and knowledge in current ocean industries, and strengthen collaboration across industries and academic environments.Furthermore, the Government will help facilitate new industries, ensure a good and relevant education system which helps cover the ocean industries’ need for competence, as well as promote recruitment to maritime research, education and professions.

Thirdly, the Government will strengthen the competitiveness of the Norwegian ocean industries by assisting in efforts to improve market access, internationalization, and profiling of the ocean industries.

In order to attain this goal, the Government will strengthen the efforts of ensuring a global, predictable and competitive regulatory framework and help more businesses step out into the world and succeed, and make sure that Norway consolidates its leading global position as a hub for the development of ocean-based technology.