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The Nordic Film Festival 2018 will be held 28-30 September

After the great success of the Nordic Film Festival 2017, the four Nordic Embassies in Bangkok have decided to arrange the Nordic Film Festival 2018 from 28-30 September at Quartier CineArt at the EmQuartier Mall. On Thursday 7 June, representatives from the Embassies had a meeting at the Danish Embassy where they discussed the coming festival.

It has been decided that the festival is intended to mark how the Nordic countries are all unique but at the same time stand strongly together. The festival will demonstrate how they share common priorities such as sustainability and gender equality. Furthermore, the festival will serve as a chance to enhance the knowledge of the Nordic culture in Thailand and to celebrate the success of the Nordic films.

Therefore, the program of the festival will consist of two movies from each of the four Nordic countries with an embassy in Bangkok. The movies will be carefully selected to represent different aspects of Scandinavian identity, depicting nature, art, culture and the way of life in the Nordic countries. Each of the Embassies are now in the finalizing process of selecting the movies that will be screened.