Successful Norway-Thailand LNG Partnership Seminar

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Thailand's Minister of Energy Gen. Anantaporn Kanjanarat and Ambassador of Norway to Thailand Kjetil Paulsen.

On Monday 26 June, the Embassy together with the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand hosted a seminar to present opportunities for further collaboration between Norway and Thailand in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector. The seminar was supported by Innovation Norway and the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.


Access to energy plays an important role in safeguarding Thailand’s sustainable economic future. If Thailand is to fully exploit its potential for growth and sustainable development, a diversity of energy sources is needed.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a commodity that is globally available and relatively clean. With a planned import capacity of 34.4 MTPA in 2036, Thailand is now set to become the largest importer of LNG in Southeast Asia. LNG contributes to reducing CO2 emissions while at the same time improving local pollution from energy production.

For 50 years, Norway has been a trusted partner on the global energy market, both in terms of oil, gas and renewables. In recent decades, Norway’s export of gas from the Norwegian continental shelf has played an increasing role as a global source of energy. Norway’s competitiveness in LNG-trade as well as Norway’s well-documented expertise in the LNG-sector, bodes well for a closer partnership on energy between Norway and Thailand.


Thailand LNG Sector Evaluation Report

A project was launched in 2016 to make a LNG sector evaluation report featuring a comprehensive assessment of Thailand’s LNG industry focusing on opportunities for bilateral cooperation. The report contains three main sections distributed selectively:

  • A comprehensive section describing in detail areas of opportunities for the Norwegian LNG sector.
  • An assessment of areas in which expertise within the Norwegian LNG sector can help Thailand solve some of the country’s challenges in the energy field, and how LNG can help Thailand taking a leading role in the region’s LNG industry.
  • A description of the regulatory framework for LNG in Thailand.


The Seminar

The Norway-Thailand LNG Partnership Seminar highlighted the role Liquefied Natural Gas can have in the Thai energy mix. The report “Thailand LNG Sector Evaluation Report” was launched, giving extensive insight in Thailand’s LNG market, and also showing the opportunities that lay there for Norwegian businesses.  

The full-day seminar further featured technical and commercial presentations from Thai and Norwegian stakeholders. It became visible that Norwegian businesses possess valuable competence in the marine sector, and that this can be used in finding answers to some of Thailand’s challenges in the energy field.

The seminar was set to stimulate further cooperation between Thailand and Norway on LNG sector development. The seminar is co-hosted by the Royal Thai Government and the Embassy of Norway in Bangkok. It was co-sponsored/organised also by Innovation Norway and the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (TNCC).


See below for the full program and presentations given at the seminar.