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Kjetil Paulsen

H.E. Ambassador Kjetil Paulsen attends launch of “Seafood From Norway” country-of-origin logo

On Thursday 19 April, H.E. Ambassador Kjetil Paulsen attended the launch of the “Seafood from Norway” country-of-origin logo. This logo will make it easier for Thai consumers to know that the product is from Norway, and thus ensure them that the seafood is of excellent quality and taste. Thammachart Seafood Retail Co Ltd will be the first Thai retail company with permission to use the logo.

H.E. Ambassador Kjetil Paulsen delivered a speech where he underlined the tremendous importance that seafood has played for Norwegian households for centuries, and how this long history has enabled Norwegian seafood to become world class. He concluded by expressing how he is proud to see that Thais are consuming increasing amounts of Norwegian seafood.  

Jon Erik Steenslid, Regional Director for the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), also highlighted Thai consumers strong and continuously growing demand and appreciation for Norwegian seafood, most notably salmon. Norwegian salmon now constitute 90% of all fresh salmon sold in Thailand. Due to Thammachart Seafood’s genuine dedication to being a retailer of high quality seafood, he was glad that they will be the first retailer in Thailand to use the “Seafood From Norway” country-of-origin logo.

Julian G. Davies, founder and CEO of Thammachart Seafood, acknowledged the great honour it is to be given the permission from NSC to use this logo. He stated that seafood from Norway, the world’s second largest exporter of fish and the world's largest exporter of salmon, is synonymous with both extraordinary quality and taste. Furthermore, he added that many Thai consumers are unaware of the origin of the salmon they buy. The use of this logo will change that.