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The participants - Photo:Dharma Raj Rimal
Dharma Raj Rimal

FK Norway’s Farewell Dinner Hosted at the Residence

At the evening of Friday February 9 Chargé d’Affaires Vegard Holmelid had the honor of hosting FK Norway (‘Fredskorpset’) for their farewell dinner for participants in the FK Norway exchange program.

The 55 guests for the evening came from Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Tanzania, Vietnam and Norway. They had all been gathered in Bangkok for a week-long exchange training program.  

The organization FK Norway is funded by the Norwegian Government and is positioned under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Their current mission is to cooperate with organizations, institutions and businesses in Asia, Africa, South America and Norway in establishing exchange programs where they enable people to share knowledge, competence and culture with each other, and thus empower them to contribute to development and the strengthening of civil societies in developing countries.

Chargé d’Affaires Vegard Holmelid greeted the guests with a well-received speech where he highlighted the importance of dialogue.

-Some people say it is too much talking in this world. I disagree. Talking is an important human feature. The impact of people talking cannot be overestimated. It helps us order both our minds and our world. Talking creates common ground, common solutions and improves ideas. Talking creates policies, declarations of human rights, joint action plans, structures budgets, and creates frameworks for peace and reconciliation. Talking makes developed, tolerant, open, and knowledgeable societies possible.

Among the participants were people who had just finished an exchange program and people who are now about to start an exchange program. The latter group spent their time in Bangkok preparing for their approaching stay abroad, and the former group spent their time in Bangkok preparing for coming back home. In this way, the participants are taught how to utilize their experiences from abroad to further promote the FK Norway’s mission in their respective home countries.

Before the evening was rounded off with every participant receiving a diploma for passing the training program, team Manager Advisor of FK Norway Grete Thingelstad underlined that the participants must continue with their good work.  

-Welcome to the FK family. It has been an honor getting to know you and I hope your new knowledge will be cherished when you get back home. Now you all know you have a major job to do. Good luck!