The Ambassador Attends FK Norway Diploma Ceremony in Bangkok

Photo: Steinar Rusten Grastveit

On Friday 10 February, the Ambassador attended the diploma ceremony for FK Norway’s course participants and partners. They are all a part of the FK Norway exchange program that seeks to share knowledge and experiences, expand perspectives and change attitudes.

Since 1963 FK Norway has had almost 8000 participants in their exchange program. Their goal is to make the world a little more just when people get to know each other and create values together.

Last week, 41 participants and partners from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil and Norway met in Bangkok for a one-week course before they head off to their new countries or back to their home countries to welcome new people. Most participants and partners are from the health sector, working with several important issues including blood banks, sexual health, mother and child health, rehabilitation and many others. The Norwegian partners include both Haukeland University hospital and Oslo University Hospital, among others.

Ambassador Paulsen gave a speech highlighting FK Norway’s important work. He also spoke about how it feels living in another country than your own, and how all the FK Norway participants are going to be ambassadors for their respective countries. The speech was well received, and both the Ambassador and the FK Norway representatives were thanked for their contribution to the project.