Norwegian Salmon + Sushi = True

Thai actress and superstar Khun Kimberly also attended the event. Here she is with Ambassador Paulsen, making sushi. Photo: Sushi Den

On Wednesday 21 February, the Ambassador attended Sushi Den’s 5th anniversary in Thailand to promote the food chain’s new Norwegian salmon menu.

The Japanese restaurant chain has 15 restaurants in Thailand, mainly in Bangkok. It is now five years since the chain was established in Thailand, and this was celebrated with special guests and sushi cooking at CentralWorld. A special Norwegian salmon menu was launched at the event, and was well received by the audience.

Sushi Den is known for its great taste, quality, service and ingredients. This makes Norwegian salmon the perfect match for the restaurant chain, as this too is known as a premium quality product. The combination of excellence was the most important message in the Ambassador’s speech at the event, and was also highlighted by both Sushi Den’s representative and the representative from the Norwegian Seafood Council, Jon Erik Steenslid.