Online registration and payment

Before you can hand in your passport and other documentation, you must register your application online and pay the fee. If this is the first time you are registering an application in the portal, you will need to create a user account first.

Once you have completed the application form online and paid the fee, you will receive confirmation by email with a copy of your application form (schengen.pdf), application summary and payment receipt attached. You need to print the application form (schengen.pdf) and submit it together with the other required documentation

Begin your online registration

Application fee

The visa fee is EUR 80. Children under six years do not pay a fee. Children from the age of six years and below the age of 12 years shall pay a visa fee of EUR 40. Please visit the UDI website for information about other groups exempted from the visa fee.

Please note that you pay the fee when registering the application in the portal. Applicants exempted from the visa fee requirement will have the fee refunded.

If you are a applying for a visa as a family member to an EU/EEA citizen you are not required to pay the application fee.

You will pay the visa fee using a debit/credit card when you register the application online in the Application Portal.

VFS Service Fee
Applications are received by an external service provider, VFS Global, which charges a service fee for each application submitted. The service fee is EUR 30, payable in local currency at the counter at VFS Global. The service fee is levied per application over and above the visa fee. The fee mentioned is per applicant. There is no exemption from the VFS Global service fee.

Please note that all VFS service fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Optional services provided at the Visa Application Centre
Certain additional services offered by VFS are not included in the service fee. Please note that these services are optional. Please visit the VFS Global website more for information on the optional services that they provide.