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Visit to Engineer Registration Board, 2 November 2018

Norwegian support delivers clear results. In a traditionally male-dominated field, it can be challenging for female engineering graduates to complete the three years of training required to register as a professional engineer. By providing subsistence allowance and additional training, the Embassy and the Engineer Registration Board assist women in registering as professional engineers. The support contributes to improved gender-balance, industrialization and economic development.

| Dar es Salaam

November 2nd Ambassador Jacobsen visited the Engineer Registration Board (ERB), where she among others met the chairman, Eng. Prof. Ninatubu M. Lema. The Embassy has supported ERB through the Structured Engineers Apprenticeship Programme (SEAP) since 2010.

After having studied at a university, engineering graduates must to go through a three years long apprenticeship before they can register as professional engineers in Tanzania. SEAP provides subsistence allowance and offers mentoring to engineering apprentices. The Embassy support is directed at increasing women participation in the programme and ensuring a higher ratio of women among registered professional engineers.

Through the programme, training on gender issues has been provided to apprentices, ERB staff, mentors, and apprenticeship host companies. Norwegian support has contributed to lower dropout rates from the SEAP, and eventually more women registering as engineers. The aim is to empower women engineers to confidently hold and manage professional responsibilities in government, industry and business.

The programme has delivered clear, positive results. Since 2009, the proportion of women among registered engineers has increased from 4 % to 27.2 % in 2018. So far, Norwegian support has directly contributed to the registration of 253 women engineers. This represents half of all registered women engineers in Tanzania. According to ERB, “the male/female professional engineer ratio has improved as well as the labor market for women”. ERB reports a significant increase (78 %) in the number of women engineers holding managerial and higher-level positions during the financial year 2017/2018. This clearly demonstrates how the labor market for women engineers is improving.

Ambassador Jacobsen stated that she is very proud of the Embassy’s partnership with ERB and the progress that has been made through the programme. “I am very happy that so many women have been able to register as professional engineers. Good quality engineers are important for industrialization and can participate in the development of Tanzania”.


ERB's Chairman Eng. Prof. Ninatubu M. Lema and Ag. Registrar Eng. Patrick Barozi showing Ambassador Jacobsen effects created for ERB's 50 year anniversary in September. 


ERB staff together with the Embassy's Program Officer Neema Shayo, Energy Counselor Børge Romsloe and Ambassador Jacobsen.