United Nations Day 2018

UN New York - Photo:MFA, Oslo
The United Nations headquarter in New York - Photo: Andrea Brizzi

24 October 2018 we celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the United Nations. The United Nations came officially into being 24 October 1945. 24 October has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948.

Let’s celebrate cooperation! If we are to solve the greatest challenges of our time, we need more – not less – international cooperation.

Norway was one of the 51 founding nations of the United Nations in 1945 – 73 years ago. The UN has been an important organisation ever since, and is more relevant today than ever before. In order to reach our goals on security, climate change, inclusive and sustainable development, clean oceans, and free trade, we need effective multilateral institutions like the United Nations.

The UN has made it possible for us to agree on a roadmap to our common future. The adoption of Agenda 2030 with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals demonstrated the unique value of the United Nations. These goals recognise that global challenges are also national challenges, and that they are closely interlinked.

For seven decades Norway has been a consistent supporter of the United Nations and a rules-based multilateral order.

Norway is one of the largest financial contributors to the UN. Norway allocates 1 % of gross national income to development aid and will continue to be a consistent partner to the UN.

Let’s celebrate cooperation on this year’s United Nations Day!