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UN joint Kigoma programme

The United Nations Joint Kigoma Programme was officially launched 20 September 2017. The Programme will run for four years (2017-21), and is a joint programme by 16 UN agencies in Tanzania. Norway has supported the program with USD 5.7 million, and is currently the largest donor.

The launch took place in the common marked outside Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, one of the world’s largest, with 144,000 refugees. There are almost 360,000 refugees in the Kigoma Region.

The Government of Tanzania has requested support from development partners also to the host communities where the refugees live. Norway has listened to the request, and decided to support the Joint Kigoma Programme.

The Kigoma Joint Programme is an area-based UN joint programme that links the UN’s current humanitarian response to refugees and migrants with an increased focus on developing the host communities as well as strengthen the link between humanitarian and development initiatives in the region. The programme will cover six themes: sustainable energy and environment, youth and women’s economic empowerment, violence against women and children, education, agriculture and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene). The UN organizations will partner with local government.

The Norwegian funding will specifically contribute to providing training to the local people in Kigoma region, especially women, so that they are better equipped to run their own businesses. Together with the local government, the UN will work to eliminate violence against women and children.

Another reason for Norway’s support to the UN Joint Kigoma Program is the belief that the different agencies of the UN should work closely together. By coordinating better, the UN can use the resources they are given by Norway and other donor countries more efficiently. In the Joint Kigoma programme, 16 UN agencies will cooperate and coordinate for the benefit of the people of Kigoma.

Norway has since 2016 disbursed a total of NOK 51 million (TSH 14.8 Billion / USD 6.5 million) earmarked for humanitarian assistance to refugees in Tanzania. In addition, Norway is among the world’s largest donors to humanitarian efforts. Norway funds different organizations of the United Nations, such as the UNHCR, WFP, UNICEF, as well as a large number of other organizations.