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publikum - Photo:Mari Johnsrud Hauge
Day one of the conference was the grand opening, where the Minister of Health in Tanzania, the Regional Commissioner in Tanga and the Norwegian Ambassador to Tanzania held opening speeches. Mari Johnsrud Hauge


A decade ago, Norwegian Ruth Nesje and Odd Lund-Isaksen established Tanga International Competence Center (TICC) in order to improve healthcare services and competence in Tanga in Northern Tanzania. On the 12th to 14th of June, TICC marked this anniversary by arranging their first international conference about healthcare and learning environment in international and intercultural settings.

Throughout the past decade, TICC has improved access to healthcare services in Tanga, fostered partnerships with the local community and facilitated competence exchange between Norway, Tanzania and beyond. Every year, TICC hosts dozens of Norwegian nursing students who come to have their practice period at nearby healthcare institutions. In 2014, TICC also established a separate NGO called HAMA, which manages several grassroot development projects within education, health, family- and housing support. TICC has become a leading center of its kind in Tanzania, which contributes to sustainable development of the surrounding region and serves as an important platform connecting Norway and Tanzania at the local level within a field that is of major importance to Tanzania.

First International Conference 2018

TICC’s achievements were properly celebrated with a three-day conference that attracted over 120 guests from Norway, Tanzania and other African countries There were several high-level keynote speakers, including Tanzania’s Minister of Health Ummy Mwalimu, Regional Commissioner in Tanga Martin Shigela, former Minister of Health in Botswana and UNAIDS Regional Director Dr. Sheila Tlou and the Norwegian Ambassador to Tanzania Hanne-Marie Kaarstad. Moreover, several of the center’s Norwegian investors, academics, healthcare workers and other stakeholders attended the conference in large numbers.

Tanzania's Minister of Health expressed great enthusiasm for TICC and their contributions, and offered the government’s support through close cooperation. She also discussed new initiatives to tackle Tanzania’s health related challenges, especially when it comes to young girls, child- and maternal mortality, diseases, and access to water and sanitation services.

Norway’s Ambassador to Tanzania, Hanne-Marie Kaarstad, held an opening speech where she congratulated TICC on their impressive achievements, and highlighted the importance of continued investments in health in order to achieve sustainable development, on global, national and local scales.

Connect, Combine & Create

The conference consisted of a variation of presentations. Here, two Norwegian researchers present their study on strengthening developmental support for vulnerable children in Tanzania.

TICC has successfully created an environment where people from different countries and backgrounds come together to connect, combine and create. The vision of the center is to create innovative competence development, community development and social entrepreneurship by connecting people across borders, combining knowledge, experience and co-create a new model for regional development.

Connect, combine and create was also the key theme of the conference, which was a joint effort where the guests participated by sharing their experiences and research through presentations, panel discussions and workshops. The conference was a successful event for stimulating further development, collaboration, and alliance-building between institutions and NGOs from Norway, Tanzania and other African countries.

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