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Tanzania as a Future Petro State

Dr Siri Lange from the Christian Michelsen Institute (CMI) and Dr Abel Kinyondo from REPOA were recently invited by the journal Extractive Industries and Society to revise and resubmit the following paper for publication: “Resource Nationalism and Local Content in Tanzania: Experiences from mining and consequences for the petroleum sector”.

The article, “Resource Nationalism and Local Content in Tanzania: Experiences from mining and consequences for the petroleum sector” is an output from “Tanzania as a Future Petro-State: Prospects and Challenges”, a five-year (2014-19) institutional collaborative programme for research, capacity development, and policy dialogue. 

The programme is jointly implemented by REPOA and CMI in Bergen, Norway, in collaboration with the National Bureau of Statistics. The Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam funds the programme.

The collaborative programme aims to improve the extent and quality of research that can contribute to more informed policymaking and public debate in Tanzania, particularly on issues related to natural resource management for inclusive growth. Further, it aims to disseminate this research and knowledge to key decision makers and the general public and build research capacity in Tanzania.  

The research paper takes the issue of local content beyond desktop research and provides comprehensive examination of local content policies in Tanzania and the lessons from the country's experience with the mining sector that can be applied to the petroleum sector.

Many resource-rich African countries have recently drafted local content policies for their petroleum sector. Using Tanzania as an example, this paper argues that previous experiences in the extractive industries are a central factor for public sentiments and debates on resource nationalism and local content in the petroleum sector. The paper focuses on the shifting local content polices in the mining sector over the last two decades and presents some of the initiatives that mining companies have taken to increase the local content.