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Ambassador Jacobsen greets President Magufuli

Speech of Norway’s Ambassador to Tanzania Elisabeth Jacobsen at the ERB, CRB and AQRB Joint Annual Conference 2019

Wednesday 4 September Ambassador Elisabeth Jacobsen attended the Official opening of the ERB, CRB and AQRB Joint Annual Conference in Dar es Salaam. The conference focused on the construction industry stakeholder’s role in achieving sustainable economic industrial growth for social welfare. The Embassy has supported Engineers Registration Board (ERB) through the Structured Engineers Apprenticeship Programme (SEAP) since 2010. There are now more than 500 women are now licensed to work as professional engineers in Tanzania compared to 96 in 2010! Read the Ambassador’s speech here:

| Dar es Salaam


Official opening of the ERB, CRB and AQRB Joint Annual Conference 2019, Dar es Salaam

Wednesday, 04th September 2019

Remarks by Elisabeth Jacobsen, Ambassador

Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam


  • Mheshimiwa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, John Pombe  Joseph Magufuli
  • Mheshimiwa Waziri wa Ujenzi, Uchukuzi na Mawasiliano, Mhandisi, Isaack Kamwelwe
  • Waheshimiwa  manaibi waziri 
  • Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi, Balozi, Mhandisi John Kijazi
  • Makatibu Wakuu
  • Wenyeviti na wasajili wa bodi za ERB, CRB na AQRB
  • Washiriki wote wa Mkutano huu


Habari za asubuhi!


  • Nina furaha kubwa kuwepo mahali hapa leo, kuhudhuria ufunguzi rasmi wa mkutano wa pamoja wa wahandisi, makandarasi pamoja na wasanifu majengo Tanzania. Hongereni sana kwa kazi nzuri!
  • Kufuatia ushirikiano wa miaka zaidi ya hamsini (50) baina ya Norway na Tanzania, tumejenga mahusiano makubwa ya kirafiki na kimaendeleo.
  • President I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for being appointed the chairperson of the South Africa Development Community (SADC). Hongera sana!
  • President, ladies and Gentlemen, we remember that last year, ERB celebrated the 50 years anniversary of its establishment. It is without doubt that ERB has significantly contributed to Tanzania`s economic and social growth through producing qualified and professional engineers. We are proud to be part of this journey and witness these positive results.
  • Since 2010, Norway has cooperated with the ERB in supporting the professional development of women engineers. There are now more than 500 female engineers with the license to work as registered professional engineers in Tanzania - compared to our starting point at 96 back in 2010.
  • Norway supports Tanzania's ambition of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through industrialization and domestic revenue mobilization. Our bilateral cooperation includes programs on tax modernization, public financial management reform and sustainable management of petroleum resources. These partnerships reflect the Fifth Phase Government’s efforts to ensure more efficient and transparent revenue collection and management of public resources. We also have a long-term commitment to provide modern energy services to the rural population of Tanzania (through the Rural Energy Agency). And our private sector cooperation is becoming increasingly important.
  • Foreign investments bring necessary capital and technology to Tanzania. They create jobs and pay taxes. In some cases, like the planned LNG project, the investors take significant risk by investing heavily up front, and the returns may take years to materialize.
  • We look forward to implementation of the Blue Print for Regulatory Reforms on Tanzania Business Environment in order to ensure a reliable and efficient public sector that supports private sector investments in creating large-scale revenues and jobs in Tanzania.
  • Finally, let me reiterate that development is about people. It is therefore important for any country to invest in its human capital, by ensuring adequate education and skills development
  • Norway has been a committed and reliable partner in Tanzania’s development, and we will continue to be so. I wish all the engineers and related professionals women and men, success in their future careers.
  • I look forward to visit the exhibition booths outside later today and learn more about your works in contributing to the industrialization agenda for Tanzania.
  • I wish you all a great day and fruitful deliberations!


Asanteni sana!