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Minister Astrup meets female engineering trainees

Minister Astrup together with the trainees, their mentor at Tanzania Railway Corporation, and representatives from the Engineers Registration Board who organizes the trainee programme (SEAP). Photo: The Embassy.

On November 28, Norway’s Minister of International Development, Mr. Nikolai Astrup, visited Tanzania Railway Corporation in Dar es Salaam, where he met three female engineering trainees. The trainees are part of the Structured Engineers Apprenticeship Programme (SEAP) and receive financial support from Norway to complete their traineeships.

The support enables the trainees to complete the three years long apprenticeship, which is mandatory in order to register as a professional engineer. Through the apprenticeship and additional training provided by SEAP, the young women are prepared to hold high-level positions in a male-dominated field. The Minister met the trainees at Tanzania Railway Corporation, where they are doing important work to improve Tanzania’s infrastructure and increase economic development.

Through SEAP, more than 500 women have been able to register as professional engineers. The Minister emphasized the importance of ensuring higher education for women, and that gender equality is crucial for sustainable development. He stated that he is very happy to see how Norwegian support is succeeding in supporting women’s ambitions to become engineers. He also emphasized that women’s participation in the labor force is important for economic development.

Gender equality has been as important for Norway’s development as the oil and gas”.

Hopefully, this can also be the case for Tanzania in the future.

The Minister in conversation with trainee Clara Pangani. Photo: The Embassy.