Electricity arrives!

Ribbon cutting REA.jpg
Minister for Energy and Minerals, Prof. Sospeter Muhongo, Ambassador Hanne-Marie Kaarstad of Norway and Ambassador Katarina Ragnitt of Sweden cutting the ribbon during the inauguration of the REA electrification project in Singida region 24 March 2017.

Norway together with Sweden support electrification of villages along the Backbone transmission line through the Rural Energy Agency (REA). Households, small and medium enterprises as well as public institutions like health clinics, schools and water pumps will be connected.

For some years the communities along the Backbone transmission line have witnessed the electricity going through their villages without them benefitting from it.

‘The arrival of electricity will benefit the local communities through strengthened health care, education facilities and improved water supply’ said the Norwegian Ambassador Hanne-Marie Kaarstad in her remarks. She further emphasized that women and girls potentially would benefit more as they are often responsible for fetching water to the household. Better lighting and reduced time for household chores can allow girls to study in the evening time. Streetlight will improve community security and make it safer for women to walk outside after dark.

The Ambassador’s statement was very welcome amongst the hundreds of women that participated during the inauguration ceremony.
At the end of her remarks, the Ambassador encouraged the villagers to think and come up with new ways to utilize electricity in order to create new jobs and improve their livelihoods.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals, Professor Muhongo underscored the important messages from the Norwegian and Swedish Ambassadors and thanked the two countries for their longstanding cooperation in the energy sector.

The Backbone electrification project is implemented in the five regions of Singida, Iringa, Dodoma, Tabora and Shinyanga. 121 villages will be connected over the coming 15 months.