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Busara Promotions signing - Photo:The Embassy
The Norwegian Ambassador and the Busara Promotions Director after signing the agreement. The Embassy

Cultural diversity and exchange

The Norwegian Embassy has been a proud sponsor of Busara Promotions since 2009, and today the Embassy has committed to support the organization with NOK 1 000 000 for its work to promote cultural exchange and diversity in Zanzibar as well as mainland Tanzania and East Africa.

Busara promotions is the organization behind the popular contemporary African music festival Sauti za Busara, which is organized on an annual basis in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Next Zauti sa Busara will take place between 8-11  February 2018 and the festival will gather around 400 artists from East Africa and the rest of the world culminating into 46 musical performances.

The agreement was signed by Ambassador Mrs. Hanne-Marie Kaarstad and Busara Director Yusuf Mahmoud on Thursday 02. November 2017. Ambassador Kaarstad commended Busara Promotions for their important work to promote peace, cultural diversity and cultural exchange by providing a platform where different people can be united by their love for music. Moreover, Ambassador Kaarstad emphasized that the Sauti za Busara promotes growth and livelihood for people at Zanzibar, by employing approximately 1300 local people every year. She also commended Busara Promotions for their effort to motivate young artists to develop their cultural heritage.