Statement from the Ambassador on Christmas Day

Please accept my warmest wishes to the people of Sudan on 25th December. On Christmas Day I take the opportunity to reflect on compassion and respect, trust and love that unites our peoples across religious faith and believes. Today we cherish the aspirations of the Sudanese people for freedom, especially the youth, and their hard work for democracy, peace and justice.

I am alarmed by reports of unlawful arrests and crackdown on civil society. Communication networks being cut off this morning is of great concern. Any violence including sexual and gender based violence, against people exercising their right to express their views publicly is unacceptable. So is any attempt to disrupt the access to and functioning of hospitals. I expect the security forces to protect all demonstrators today and use the opportunity to build needed trust.

Norway calls for meaningful dialogue and remains a consistent partner in solidarity with the people of Sudan.

Therese Løken Gheziel