Troika Statement

Troika Statement 18.07.2019

| 18.07.2019

"The Troika (Norway, the UK and US) welcome the agreement reached by the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) on a political declaration that sets out the structure and broad responsibilities for a transitional government. We hope that these institutions can gain the trust and support of the Sudanese people.

The Troika also commends the efforts of the African Union, Ethiopian and Sudanese mediators in helping the parties achieve agreement. We encourage the parties to quickly conclude the parallel constitutional agreement and form the civilian-led transitional government, which the Sudanese people have courageously and peacefully demanded since December 2018.

We welcome the commitment of the parties to support an independent investigation of June 3 and other acts of violence, to negotiate an end to Sudan’s internal conflicts and to pursue economic, legal and constitutional reforms during the 39-month transition period.

The Troika looks forward to engaging a civilian-led transitional government as it works to achieve the Sudanese people’s aspirations for responsive governance, peace, justice and development."