New Visa Hub in New Delhi - Photo:Norwegian Embassy New Delhi
New visa hub at the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi for India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives Norwegian Embassy New Delhi

New Visa Hub in New Delhi

The Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi has become a “hub” or focal point for visa and immigration cases for people travelling to Norway from Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, as well as from India. For Nepal, we also represent cases regarding travel to Iceland. For Sri Lanka, we will handle visa cases for all the Nordic countries and Lithuania.

Thanks to our cooperation with VFS, applicants can apply for visas in their own country as before. We hope to open a Visa Application Centre in the Maldives soon. VFS will send the cases to the Embassy in New Delhi, but all decisions and passports will be returned to the applicants through VFS. We are hoping to ensure that the applicants don’t notice any difference and that the procedures continue to run smoothly.

“Hubbing” of visa processing is a way to rationalize, streamline and professionalize. To ensure this, the Embassy in New Delhi has developed its visa section also linguistically. The Embassy staff can now handle applicants who speak Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Nepali, as well as English and Norwegian.

The need to re-organise and increase efficiency is a result of increased interest in traveling to Norway and the Schengen area. The Embassy in New Delhi this summer handled the largest number of visas to Norway among our foreign missions, with 2019 expected to see a record total number. The Embassy has so far processed over 17.000 cases this year, compared to a total of 21.000 for the whole of 2018.