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Statement of the Norwegian Ambassador at the National Dialogue Conference

Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan Siv Kaspersen urged leaders and South Sudanese to unite and build trust.

Speaking at the National Dialogue Conference on 12 November, Ambassador Siv called on the delegates to address the fundamental structures and factors that lead to great dissatisfaction and unrest in South Sudan.

She encouraged the delegates to find ways to include broader segments of the South Sudanese society – for the common good of the people and for the nation. Adding that recommendations can be very useful, but only if they are inclusive and plugged into the R-ARCSS and the constitutional process.

The Norwegian diplomat urged the delegates to address women rights issues including representation and participation of women in both political and economic spheres in South Sudan. “Women’s rights and women’s participation must be in the center of your resolutions,” Ambassador Siv added.

Siv reaffirmed Norway’s commitment to supporting the people of South Sudan’s efforts in achieving suitable peace and economic recovery. “We will support the government’s efforts to create or improve systems of public financial management including budget preparation process, allocation and budget execution”, she added.

Please find the full speech attached - Speech for the National Dialogue Conference 12-11-20.pdf