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Norwegian Ambassador urges stakeholders to end distress

Speaking at the Launch of the 2018 Regional Refugee and Humanitarian Response Plans on South Sudan in Nairobi, Kenya,

Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan, Mr. Lars Andersen calls on international and regional efforts to end the underlying causes of famine, displacement and violence.

Mr. Andersen said it is a humanitarian imperative to save lives and alleviate suffering. But that is not enough.  “We must bring an end to the underlying causes of famine, displacement and violence.”

“For South Sudan that means ending the civil war and bringing a durable peace to the country,” said Mr. Andersen.

The Norwegian Diplomat urged the parties to find an inclusive power sharing arrangement until the country is ready for elections.

He added that warring parties in South Sudan need to find a way to create a national army and security sector that could bring trust and protection to the entire population.

Stressing that the region must stand ready to sanction spoilers and to speak with one voice. The people of South Sudan are tired of war and want peace. However, the responsibility for a successful peace process remains with the leaders of the country, and especially with the leaders of the armed fractions.

“Our message to them is to not squander this chance of peace away. Enough is enough. There is no plan B for a failed outcome of the peace talks in Addis. If the process fails, the humanitarian situation is likely to get much worse, and the political situation may threaten the country itself,” Norwegian diplomat warned.

Lars added that Norway welcomes the fifth Regional Refugee Response Plan in the hope that it will contribute to the Grand Bargaining agenda and humanitarian reform, which Norway is pushing for.

Mr. Andersen told the gathering that Humanitarian aid must continue, but at the same time incentivize local food production and returning people from the POCs and refugee camps. Strengthening the links between humanitarian aid and development needs to be an important part of that effort. Cash support and other activities to stimulate the local economy and food production are as well important tools.