[Updated entry regulation to Norway] Government introduced registration requirement for all people entering Norway

From 12:00 am on 21 December, all people entering Norway will be required to register their name, contact details, place of quarantine and employer (if applicable) and any other information requested.

The general rule is that all people, including Norwegian citizens, must register their information. The registration requirement will in principle apply to all people entering the country, including Norwegian citizens, but certain exceptions will be made, such as for children under 16 who are travelling with an adult.

The purpose of registration is to ensure compliance with the duty to quarantine, to strengthen infection control and to contribute to improved contact tracing – and thereby limit import infection. Travellers must register prior to their arrival in Norway and may only register their journey within 72 hours of their time of arrival.

Questions and assistance with registration

If you have questions or require assistance with registration, please call +47 33 41 28 70.

Information hotline for entry, testing and quarantine:

From Norway: 815 55 015

From abroad: +47 21 93 78 40