Nordic Energy Research Conference

The embassies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are jointly organizing the “Nordic Energy Research Conference” in Seoul on December 7, 2017. For registration or the full program, please email our great colleagues at the Danish Embassy at (Ms. Sophie Mortensen).

Creating sustainable energy systems is crucial for combating climate change, and the Nordic embassies in Korea are encouraged by the commitment and ambition of President Moon and his administration within renewable energy development and energy efficiency.

It is the first time that Nordic forerunners of sustainable energy solutions join forces with Korean energy experts to put together an all-day conference for researchers, companies, government representatives and NGOs. The speakers of the conference are high-level energy experts from both the Nordic countries and Korea. Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE)’s Director General Nam-ho Choe will give a welcoming address to congratulate the initiative of the Nordic Energy Conference.

The conference is aiming to share ideas on sustainable energy systems, present real-life experiences of Nordic and Korean solutions for renewable energy as well as increase awareness of the Nordic countries as collaboration partners for Korea in the field of energy research and innovation.

Korea has for a long time invested heavily in research and with the current governments’ ambitions pursuing higher goals on renewable energy, Korea is seen as a potential collaboration partner.


Program Nordic Energy Research Conference