Kongs-Emnerne Script Reading

A history lecture and script reading of the soon-to-be-staged play "Kongs-Emnerne" took place at the SMT on March 16th.

| Seoul Metropolitan Theatre

On March 16th, The Embassy was represented by First Secretary Joon Grane Hetland and Cultural Officer Ellie Baek Hyeyoun at a script reading of the play "Kongs-Emnerne." Elaborating on the 13th century Norwegian context that the play is set in, the representatives from the embassy described the power struggles that took place between rivaling factions in Norway, rivaling claims to the throne, as well as the king and the church. They also presented the protagonist of the play, Håkon Håkonsson, and his personal story, as well as how his actions has changed an shaped Norwegian society and history, all the way up to the present time.

After the historical presentation, a script reading was done by the actors that will be portraying the characters on-stage in April.

The play is one of the early plays of the most famous Norwegian playwright of all time; Henrik Ibsen. The play itself is based on historical events, and communicates an important and dramatic point in Norwegian history. The play was first staged in 1864, and was the last play that Ibsen wrote in Norway. Not long after, Ibsen left Norway for Germany and Italy, spending 27 years abroad and writing what is now known as his masterpieces and most popular plays: "Brand", "Vildanden", "Peer Gynt" and "En Folkefiende".

The play will now be performed in Korean for a Korean audience for the first time at the Seoul Metropolitan Theatre, thanks in great part to the translating work done by Professor Kim Myi He. She is one of the most respected experts on Henrik Ibsen's works in the Republic of Korea, and has dedicated herself to opening up Ibsen's works to the Korean public.

The play will be staged from March 31st to April 25th at the SMT, and the embassy highly recommends for anyone who have the opportunity to go see this classic piece of Norwegian literature!

For ordering tickets or further information about the play, please visit the theatre's website.