Arctic Partnership Week 2016 – Norwegian-Korean Session on Policy Cooperation

As a part of the Arctic Partnership Week 2016 in Busan, organized by the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, the Norwegian Embassy co-hosted an afternoon session on policy and science cooperation with Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI). The session had both Korean and Norwegian speakers, and attracted a large audience of both foreign and domestic researchers.

| Busan

The afternoon of Wednesday the 7th of December marked the opening of the Norwegian-Korean session of Arctic Partnership Week 2016. Co-hosted by the Norwegian Embassy and Korea Polar Research Institute the session was intended to explore the potential for furthering the Korean-Norwegian cooperation in the Arctic sector, and the intersection between scientific research and actual policy making.

The session had an equal distribution of Norwegian and Korean speakers who discussed a range of topics: some familiar and some new approaches. The visiting researchers included Ms Eivor Lid Gamst of Marbank (a section of the Norwegian Maritime Research Institute), Professor Nalan Koc, research director of the Norwegian Polar Institute, Mr Arild Moe and Mr Harald Sakarias Brøvig Hansen, senior research fellow, and research fellow at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute. From the Korean side, three researchers from Korea Polar Research Institute participated; Dr Hyoung Chul Shin, Dr Won-Sang Seo, and Dr Hyunkyo Seo. After presentations by the individual researchers, they were joined in a panel discussion, along with Dr Jong-Deog Kim from Korea Maritime Institute, moderated by Arild Moe. A range of interesting topics were raised, and an active and engaged audience raised thoughtful ideas and questions.

The session was attended by more than 70 people from both domestic and foreign research institutions, as well as the Norwegian Ambassador, and representatives from the Norwegian and Korean business communities. The session was concluded by a dinner reception hosted by the Embassy.

Alongside the Norwegian-Korean session, the Norwegian Embassy also displayed an exhibition titled “On Thin Ice” created by the Norwegian Polar Institute. The exhibition recounts the journey of the research vessel Lance, which was sent into the Arctic to measure the effects of climate change in the Polar region.