Preview of the Norwegian movie «The Wave”

Wednesday June 29, the Norwegian Embassy arranged a preview of the Norwegian movie “The Wave” at Lotte World Cinema in Seoul in collaboration with Heestory Film.

About 200 people attended the preview event called “Norway Night Photo Premiere” including the Ambassador H.E. Jan Grevstad and Nikolai Johnsen, a Norwegian TV star in South Korea.

The movie is based on the inevitable fact that one day the mountain Åkneset, located in the centre of Geirangerfjorden, one of the most famous fjords in Norway, will collapse into the fjord and create a massive tsunami-like wave. Åkneset has a 700-meter long growing gap, which increases by 10-15 cm each year. Researchers all agree that parts of the mountain will collapse into the fjord, they just don't know when.  

The movie have gained international success and from July 14 the movie will be released to 150 different screens in South Korea simultaneously.

“The Wave” is the first Scandinavian disaster movie ever made. Over 830,000 Norwegians saw “The Wave” last year, making it the most watched movie in Norway in 2015.

Lotte World Cinema
Pre-viewing of "The Wave"