Norwegian-Finnish collaborative art-project "Eyes as Big as Plates" arrives in South Korea

The Norwegian-Finnish duo, Karoline Hjort and Riitta Ikonen, concluded their productive stay in South Korea with a talk in Seoul. The exhibition opens in Pyeongchang in September on the 27th of September, and will be open until the 31st of October.

On a Tuesday night, the 23rd of August, in the small cafe The Roundabout, the Embassy attended an artist talk for a new exhibition. A collaborative project between Norwegian photographer Karoline Hjort, and Finnish sculptor Riitta Ikonen, “Eyes as Big as Plates” features photography, capturing seniors at one with the landscape.

Originally intended to document the relationship between Norway’s older generation and the folklore that surrounded them in nature, the project took its name from an expression often found in Norwegian folk tales. As the project progressed however, it came to focus more on the relationship these people had, and felt, with their surrounding natural landscapes.

After having spent several years recruiting and photographing people from Norway, Finland, Iceland, France and the Unites States, the duo, this August, arrived in South Korea. Partly funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the two artists settled in Pyeongchang, and continued on in their search of interesting personalities, aided by a team of local curators, assistants, translators and friends.

The “Eyes as Big as Plates” exhibition opens at the Potato Blossom Studio in Pyeongchang on the 27th of September, and another exhibition is currently being planned in Seoul for next year. The duo is also working on the publication of a co-written book, intended to chronicle the progression of the art-project.

Pyeongchang, South Korea
Art exhibition