"<Trust and again distrust> - Desire for the crown caused by doubt and conflict - Who will ascend to the throne? - What is the end of human desire?"

Interest for Henrik Ibsen is experiencing an upsurge in South Korea. While for Norwegians, Ibsen has always had the ability to stay relevant in whatever the time or context, South Koreans are now increasingly seeing the timelessness of his writings.

As a result of this, the Seoul Metropolitan Theatre will set up the play "Kongs-Emnerne" for a full 3 weeks, starting on March 31st. Performed in Korean language, helped by the translation of Korean Ibsen-expert Professor Kim Myi He, the theatre hopes to draw great crowds, as its themes of power struggle, the legitimization of a leader's position, and the mutual exclusiveness of individual ambitions should be easily transferrable to a contemporary Korean context.

This is a unique opportunity for Korean-speakers who would like to see the visualization of 13th century Norway unfold, or non-Korean speakers who would like to see how a Korean theatre interprets famous persona from Norwegian history, to come out and enjoy an evenig of high-quality culture.

Sejong Metropolitan Theatre
Stage performance of Ibsen play
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